Grassfed livestock.  It's that simple.  Actually, it is also complex.  Grassfed encompasses grass, clover, alfalfa, dandilion, and all the other plants growing in our pastures.  The distinction here from convetional practice is that these livestock are not being fed grains.

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Pasture Raised

We raise our livestock on pasture for as much of the year as possible. Cattle are more hardy and can do just fine year round, pigs and chickens need a little more help so they spend the winter in greenhouse shelters with deep woodchip and straw bedding.

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Organic Grain Fed

We purchase certified organic grain.  It costs more (2-3 times more than conventional feed), but it guarantees the feed is free of GMOs and residues from herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.  Organic feed also prohibits added chemical dewormers, antibiotics, hormones, ionophones, lions, tigers, and bears, Oh my!

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